A Jane Austen Education Book Image


“Sharp, endearingly self-effacing…a profound truth lies embedded in Deresiewicz’s witty account of his early animosity…a shrewd critic of Austen’s work.”
– New York Times Book Review

“Seeing a favorite critic expound at length on a favorite author is an undersung form of literary pleasure–as close as you can get to reading two great writers at the same time…Like Austen, Deresiewicz is lucid, principled and knows how to think as well as how to feel, without ever sacrificing one to the other…a delightful and enlightening book.”

“I must curb myself from gushing for fear of losing my credibility…How William Deresiewicz came to evolve into an enlightened Y-chromosome is one heck of a great story…Part literary criticism, part personal memoir and a lot of Austen doctrine, his prose is open, engaging and very humorous….We were truly agog and enchanted with every word.”
– Austenprose.com

“I finished the book with two strong impulses: One, to immediately reread everything Jane Austen wrote, with Deresiewicz’s book at my side, and two, to invite Deresiewicz over for more Austen talk.”
– Associated Press