The Colbert Report, October 16, 2014

Selected Appearances‚Äč

Not an Expert podcast, November 2022

Meritocracy, affirmative action, mental health, and more with a smart and thoughtful high school student.

American Purpose, November 2022

A conversation about The End of Solitude, with a good Q&A. Mostly about academia.

The Unspeakable podcast, August 2022

75 free-flowing minutes with the great Meghan Daum. An extra 20 minutes are available as bonus content on her Substack.

Lean Out podcast, August 2022

A half hour on The End of Solitude with the wonderful Tara Henley, Canadian journalist, author, and broadcaster.

Keen On podcast, November 2021
40+ minutes on The Dawn of Everything, the magisterial new history of humanity co-authored by the late, great David Graeber and reviewed by me in the Atlantic. A brisk and bracing conversation.

Center for Public Christianity (Australia), June 2021
A tight half hour on the themes of Excellent Sheep. Plus, Australian accents.

The Agenda, November 2020
A half hour on The Death of the Artist for TV Ontario with a really smart host.

The Unspeakable Podcast, November 2020
An hour-plus on The Death of the Artist, including lots of writer-talk, with the awesome Meghan Daum.

Humanize Me podcast, September 2020
An hour on The Death of the Artist with Bart Campolo, the great ex-evangelical writer and speaker.

City Club of Cleveland, August 2020
The Death of the Artist virtual book-tour event with Rebekah Modrak of the University of Michigan.

Keen On podcast, August 2020
Half an hour on The Death of the Artist with a brilliant host who sounds like Mick Jagger.

Velshi & Ruhle (MSNBC), March 2019
Short segment on the college admissions bribery scandal.

Unmistakable Creative Podcast, September 2018
My parents, neoliberal education, learning not to give a crap.

The Leadership Podcast, April 2018
Solitude, leadership, higher ed, the waitress principle, and Alan Dershowitz.

Talking to Teens podcast, December 2017
A conversation about talking with adolescents about their future.

Latino USA, May 2017
A short panel discussion about safe spaces on college campuses.

TEDxMtHood, June 2016
“The Best Education for All”: on the political significance of the liberal arts.

99U Conference, May 2016
A talk about creative entrepreneurialism.

Design Week Portland, April 2016
A short talk on food culture and food as culture.

Aspen Ideas Festival, June 2015
“What Is College For?”: a conversation with David Brooks.

The Colbert Report (Comedy Central), October 16, 2014
A segment on Excellent Sheep.

The Leonard Lopate Show (WNYC), September 17, 2014
A half hour on Excellent Sheep.

The Kelly File (Fox News), September 5, 2014
A segment on Excellent Sheep.

Think Out Loud (Oregon Public Broadcasting), August 12, 2014
A full hour on Excellent Sheep.

Creative Mornings Portland, July 2012
A talk on the entrepreneurial ideal among Millennials and others.

Midmorning (Minnesota Public Radio), September 16, 2011
A full hour on the cult of the uniform, with sociologist Jerry Lembcke.

Against the Grain (KPFA/Pacifica), July 26, 2011
A full hour on the crisis in higher education.

Here & Now (WBUR/PRI), June 27, 2011
A long segment on leadership, with a coda on Jane Austen v. VS Naipaul.

Callie Crossley Show (WGBH Radio Boston), May 18, 2011 
A half hour on A Jane Austen Education.

Spark (CBC Radio), February 28, 2010
A discussion of friendship and social media with danah boyd. 

Forum (KQED San Francisco), January 30, 2009
A full hour on solitude and social media.